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Don't have time to skin and cut up your harvest?  Leave it to the experts!  Our whole deer & bear processing includes, skinning, cooling, cutting, vacuum sealing cuts, trimming-out, and proper disposal. 

Note: After hours number (call/text) - 612-237-5142
Whole Carcass Cutting 
You must cleanly field dress the deer/bear before bringing to us.  
To provide the best possible quality meat back from your wild game, bring the carcass to us ASAP so we can skin and place in our state of the art carcass cooler.  We will accept non frozen quartered deer but prefer whole deer with hide or boneless trim. 

Items to Note
- Payment for Processing is due in full at drop off, sorry no exceptions. 

- The hunter’s registration tag or DNR Customer # must be provided with order.

- Upon acceptance of your wild game, our employees are trained to inspect your wild 

    game for freshness and cleanliness. Wild game must be cleaned properly and free of 

    hair, dirt, or any physical contaminants. If your wild game does not meet our

    inspection requirements you will be informed at the time or via telephone and is

    subjected to a $50 cleaning charge.

- Grinding/Sausage not included in processing cost

Fresh & Smoked Wild Game "Value Added" Options​
We offer a variety of fresh and smoked sausages each requiring 10 pound minimum of boneless trim per product. All sausage/smoked products are blended 50/50 with your venison and our pork.  Our wild game sausages are complimented with fresh beef, pork, and premium spice blends.
In order to maintain the processing of consistent, high quality products, we accept fresh, or fresh-frozen, boneless, trimmed and cleaned, wild game.

Products Offered*

Summer Sausage - 1# Chubs - Traditional, Jalapeno Cheese, Garlic, Cranberry Wildrice

Snack Sticks - 10 stick packages - Old Fashion, Garlic, Teriyaki, Bacon Cheddar,  Dill Pickle, Spicy Dill Pickle, Jalapeno Cheddar, Sweet & Spicy

 Bratwurst - Traditional,  Wild Rice, Jalapeno Cheese, Beer Bacon & Cheese

Fresh Sausage - Breakfast, Italian,

Venison Bacon, Natural Casing Weiner, Smoked Polish, Smoked Cheddarwurst,  Ring Bologna

Grindings - 1# Ground, Pork Trim Added (50/50), Pork Fat Added (80/20),

Beef Trim Added (50/50), Beef Fat Added (80/20)


Stop in the store for a price sheet. *offerings subject to change

Items to Note
- 25% deposit required at time of drop off for all sausage/smoked products.

- Price/lbs. is based on total weight of venison trim and pork added (All smoked

     products/value added are 50% venison/50% Pork).  
- Our equipment is designed to produce the highest quality and most consistent

     sausage, however, our equipment does not allow to do batches smaller than 25#.

     We offer the option for you to get your own meat back based on a 25# minimum

     batch with an additional $2.00/lbs. surcharge.
- Processing times are determined by date received and also by product batching. We

     will call you as soon as your full order is ready.  Processing could take up to 60+ days

     however our goals is to complete venison processing brought in during Wisconsin

     gun season by Jan 31 if not sooner.   We can prioritize your venison sausage and

     smoked products for an additional fee.

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